The Chemist & the Acevities - Haus Mainusch 13/07/2015

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The Chemist & the Acevities - Haus Mainusch 13/07/2015

Beitragvon The Chemist » Sa Jun 27, 2015 11:44 am

Hi guy's,

We're proud to annouce our first concert in Germany, at Haus Mainusch, the 13/07/2015.
We are playing a four piece rough surf garage, and play it fast and loud on stage. Inspired by surf bands (as Man or astroman, The Irradiates...) and by hxc, noise and punk bands, we make experiment in our laboratory and make it real on stage. Mainly instrumental, our energic set try to make you feel better, set free your frustration and your anger, immerse you in multi universe, and make you dance and twist.

Hope you'll be at the rendez-vous, only date in Germany this years, with the release of our new EP Bad Seeds, and with the last of our 500 LPs.


You could find us here : - photos, videos, music... - music only
The Chemist
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